The Apex's of gaming

Clan leader: Apex l Carnage
Clan Co-leader: Apex Venm
Editor: Apex l Raptor
AE: MonkeeArtz
        To join our clan, Apex, you must beat a member in a 1v1 quickscoping match. The score goes to 30. Depending on how you did or how you play later on will determine your rank. You can be placed in a different rank depending on how you've been playing. 
  1. Clips Of The Week:
    None right now.
  2. Clan Battles Win/Lost
    Apex vs. Pure: Win! Apex vs. Echo Win! Apex vs. Amped Win! Apex vs. ViP Win! Apex vs. Artic Win!
  3. Youtube
?Wanna Become An Apex

Send Apex l Carnage a message! So he can edit the website and post your gamertag!

Requirements: Atleast 1 clip every week, so we can make montages! Thank You For Coming To This Website. Have a Great Day. 
This clan is Xbox 360 and Xbox 1