Clan Owners: Apex l Carnage & Apex Venm
Clan Leaders: Apex l Panda & Apex l Raptor
AE: Paniiic
Editor: Apex Ninfreak
        To join our clan, Apex,You must win the Apex Recruitment Challenge two people are recruited each month. To be placed in a Rank you need to 1v1 a Leader or Owner depending on how you did or how you play later on will determine your rank. You can be placed in a different rank depending on how you've been playing. 
  1. Clips Of The Week:
    None right now.
  2. Clan Battles Win/Lost
    Apex vs. Pure: Win! Apex vs. Echo Win! Apex vs. Amped Win! Apex vs. ViP Win! Apex vs. Artic Win!
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